This site is very much in a BETA stage.

Note from the program directors: We'll post material as soon as it becomes available during the beta phase of the program. The only functional link above is the Courses page. We have complete iOS, Android, and Web Development courses. We are still missing robotics content and "getting started with programming" content. We only have the upper level iOS, Android, and Web stuff finished.

Smart Product Design, Software Engineering, and Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Rose-Hulman professors

Rosebotics is a freely available, online series of courses, an annual robotics competition, and a platform to inspire innovation and entrepreneurial opportunity. Courses are based on content developed by faculty at Rose-Hulman with Rose-Hulman alumni as the target audience.

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Visit our series of courses to see what Rosebotics offers. Currently, we have a complete course in Android development, Web development, and iOS development. New content is added every day.

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There is an annual competition planned to take place at Rose-Hulman Homecoming beginning the Homecoming 2015. The competition will be available only to Rose-Hulman students, alumni, and their families. This is a great way to get your kids excited about robotics.

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Both the courses and the competition make use of the RoseBot platform. The platform uses the SparkFun RedBot as the base platform. The RedBot comes with a bunch of sensors already included, such as: bump sensors, wheel encoders and line following sensors. In addition to the RedBot, the Rosebot platform adds some peripherals, a wireless communication mechanism, and a software stack to support the C, Python, and Scratch programming languages.

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